Five poisons, the body is easy

Five poisons, the body is easy

“If you want to be in good health, detoxification is indispensable.” After experiencing the improvement of people’s health awareness, the word “detoxification” has also entered people’s health philosophy.

As a result, various detoxification methods have appeared, detoxification foot washing instrument, detox foot patch, colon hydrotherapy, etc., some beauty salons have also triggered the “lymphatic detoxification” project, that is, massage lymphatics can drain toxins from the lymph.

Can these techniques really detox?

the answer is negative.

  It is purely unaudited to remove the toxins from the body through simple physical means. The best way is to carry out “self-therapy” for different toxins in various systems of the body, and strengthen the body’s metabolism, in order to achieve “hundredness is not invading.”

  Clear “intestinal poison”: regular bowel movements, eat more fruits and vegetables because the biggest source of toxins in the body is eaten, many chemically contaminated foods are absorbed into the body through the intermediates, so the toxins in the intermediates are the firstNeed to be cleared.

  Recommendation: The key to reducing toxic toxins is to develop the habit of regular bowel movements every day. It can change the duration of metabolic waste and reduce the absorption of toxins.

At the same time, we must eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh vegetables, vegetable juice is rich in cellulose, can promote the peristalsis of the intervention, transfer metabolites in the body, especially to eat more vegetables and fruits to replace the fiber, can help defecation.

  Clear “Lung Poison”: Active coughing, deep breathing. A person’s daily breathing energy will cause the lungs to rise, and harmful bacteria such as bacteria, viruses, dust, etc. floating in the air will also enter the lungs.

  Recommendation: The best way to reduce lung toxins is to breathe in fresh air and avoid inhaling dirty air.

If someone is smoking around you, be sure to avoid inhaling “second-hand smoke” and try not to stay in a place full of smoke for a long time.

In the dusty weather, don’t forget to wear a mask.

  In addition, you can practice deep breathing in the fresh air or after the rain: relax the stomach and gently touch it with your fingertips; then gently inhale deeply with your nose, at this point your fingertips can feel the stomach bulging until the wholeThe stomach is full of gas; let the gas pause in the stomach for 4 seconds, then slowly exhale with your mouth.

Active coughing a few times, can also axially clean the lungs.

  Clear “kidney poison”: full drinking water, light diet Kidney is the main force of the urinary system, is also the body’s most important detoxification organ, it can filter the toxins in the blood and the waste produced by protein decomposition, and excreted through the urine.

  Recommendation: To reduce toxins in the kidneys, science and adequate drinking are important.

Water can replace toxin concentrations, promote kidney metabolism, and replace more toxins in vitro.

Drinking two liters of water a day, flushing the body’s toxins through moisture can reduce the burden on the kidneys and is the most alternative method of detoxification.

Usually pay attention to light diet, so as not to increase the burden on the kidneys.

In addition, especially do not overdose urine, because there are many toxins in the urine, if not discharged in time, will be re-injected into the blood, endangering health.

  Clear “remaining poison”: aerobic exercise, sweating and detoxification. When the toxins of other organisms are discharged, don’t forget that there is also one of the largest detoxifying organisms to use, that is, the skin, which can discharge toxins that other organisms cannot solve.
The best way to help your skin detoxify is to sweat more and exercise more.

  Recommendation: The easiest and most effective detoxification exercise is to take a big step, speed up while walking, reset the ground swing and stretch your arms, stimulate lymph, lower high blood pressure and high blood pressure.

In addition, there are many other sports that can accelerate the body’s metabolism, help the skin detoxification, such as yoga, swimming, and Tai Chi, five birds, but the key is that exercise must sweat.

It is recommended to have at least one aerobic exercise to sweat the body every week.

  Clear “heart poison”: adjust the mentality, optimistic and cheerful, many people are uncomfortable, but also acne, get angry, in addition to the accumulation of polytoxins in the body organs, but also need to get up from the emotions, psychological, clean up “emotional garbage.”

Unpleasant mood, unbalanced mentality, stress-induced emotional disorders, always increase the accumulation of toxins in the body, and its harm is much greater than the harm of toxins through the air and air.

  Recommendation: Keeping your mood open is an important means of detoxification that has been overlooked in the past.

By listening to the joyful music, watching more beautiful pictures, actively adjusting the mentality, less entangled by unpleasant emotions, and being comfortable at all times, it is an important means to remove body toxins from the inside out.