[Can you eat bitter gourd during menstruation]_Bitter gourd_Physiological period_Can you eat

[Can you eat bitter gourd during menstruation]_Bitter gourd_Physiological period_Can you eat

Women must pay attention to nutritional supplements when menstruating, and bitter gourd is actually a kind of food that clears heat and lowers fire. Eating bitter melon appropriately during menstrual period will not have any impact, but we should pay attention to other nutritionsupplement.

1. Bitter melon is rich in nutrients, and contains high levels of protein, traces, and glucose in melons, especially vitamin C content, which is up to 84 mm per 100 grams, which is about 5 times that of melon, 14 times that of cucumber, and 21 times that of pumpkin.Times, ranking first in melons.

Balsam pear also contains crude fiber, carotene, balsam pear, phosphorus, iron and various minerals, amino acids, etc. Balsam pear also contains metabolized lipoproteins, which can promote the immune system to resist macromolecules. Regular consumption can enhance the immune function of the body.

The bitterness of bitter gourd is due to its antimalarial quinine, which can inhibit the over-excited body temperature center.

Therefore, bitter gourd has heat-clearing and detoxifying effects.

2. A woman can consume bitter gourd in an appropriate amount during menstruation, and an appropriate amount will not affect menstruation.

3. During menstrual cramps, symptoms such as poor appetite, backache, fatigue may occur.

At this time, it is advisable to replace foods and medicines that are not only good for skin and beauty, but also good for “traveling through water”.

Suitable foods and medicines include: mutton, chicken, red dates, tofu skin, apples, barley kernels, beef, milk, eggs, eggs, brown sugar, motherwort, angelica, cooked land, peach blossom, etc.

4, do not eat too cold fruits, such as grapes, pears, etc., should eat warm, such as apples, longan and so on!

Girls need to protect themselves!