[Can I eat watermelon with a cold and fever]_Watermelon_Fever_Can I eat

[Can I eat watermelon with a cold and fever]_Watermelon_Fever_Can I eat

Fever is a common disease of the human body. Fever may be caused by coldness of the body, but also partly because of injections in the body. After the fever, the body will lack water and often feel thirsty. Watermelons are called fruitsKing, there are so many juices, many people choose to eat a watermelon to add water after fever.

Watermelon has a good antipyretic and therapeutic effect. Patients with fever can eat a little watermelon properly. It should not be too much, which will adversely affect other diseases such as abdominal pain and diarrhea. It is best to drink squeezed watermelon juice as a daily boiled water to replenish.

Watermelon has the effect of reducing fire, which is very effective for patients to reduce heat.

Usually pay more attention to drink some boiled water, eat more vegetables and fruits. Watermelon drenches urine well, but it is not convenient to eat more. You can supplement the body’s moisture through other fruits and vegetables, and it can also achieve the effect of hydrating, detoxifying and enhancing immunity.

It should be noted that the types of colds are complicated and changeable. Among them, if the fever and fever caused by fungus diarrhea are not suitable for eating watermelon, diarrhea and diarrhea will be aggravated, so as not to cause serious diseases.

The sugar and salt contained in watermelon can diuretic and eliminate diabetes, protease can convert insoluble protein into soluble protein, increase the nutrition of patients with nephritis. Watermelon contains substances that can lower blood pressure, and can reduce blood pressure. Urine output after eating watermelonSignificant increase, which can reduce the content of bile pigments, and can smooth stool, and has a certain effect on the treatment of jaundice. Fresh watermelon juice and fresh melon peel increase skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles and increase gloss.

Precautions Maternal health is relatively weak, and from the point of view of Chinese medicine, watermelon is cold, so eating too much will cause excessive cold and damage the spleen and stomach.

If the patient with renal function problem eats too much watermelon, because of excessive intake of water, and the inability to discharge this excessive water in time, it will cause excessive storage of water in the body, increase blood volume, and easily cause acute heart failure.collapse.

Eating watermelon in diabetics can cause an increase in blood sugar.

In severe cases, even metabolic mutations may cause acidosis, which is life-threatening.

Mouth ulcers are considered to be caused by internal heat in the yin deficiency and disturbance in the fire.

Eating watermelon caused excessive replacement of the water needed for the healing of the mouth ulcers, which aggravated yin deficiency and internal heat, leading to prolonged healing time for patients.