Let women die unforgettable 8 sexual experiences

Let women die unforgettable 8 sexual experiences

Lead: From the moment a girl becomes a woman, she will experience countless sexes in her life.

But there are only 8 kinds that can make her unforgettable!

1, the wedding night sex commemoration reason: This day is her most beautiful day, she will feel very safe with her husband.

Try it tonight: Even you have spent the honeymoon 12 years ago.

In the morning, she used a ballpoint pen to write a sexy message on her body, because women are easily excited by words.

It is best to let her see it in a few hours, then she has time to fantasize.

When she got home, she tried to treat her in a different way than before, such as just gently kissing her cheek or complications.

2, business trip back to sex commemoration reasons: Do you feel that the most romantic when you come back to your intimacy every time you travel?

Watch a romantic adult movie and have a thrilling sex.

Try it tonight: Whether you go out for eight days or eight minutes, imitate this passion.

Kissing kisses his face, licking her lips and kissing her lower lip, because there are studies that suggest that women’s lower lip and sexual organs are connected.

3, after the quarrel, sex commemoration reasons: you yelled and quarreled, maybe broke some plates.

Maybe the situation in the bedroom will be more intense.

Because people are angry, both retinal pills will increase. If you bring this high level of retinal pills and anger into the bedroom, your sexual desire will be higher.

Try it tonight: You can create a fierce quarrel, but don’t really hurt each other.

Maybe you can also try a physical collision, such as small golf, a pillow fight or a nude fall, but remember to win.

4, break up sex commemoration reasons: You have made a decision to separate, but the final date will not cause any harm to both sides.

Of course, your feelings are definitely different: from the physical point of view, the study found that in this final sex, the hormones of men’s sperm will change, and this change spontaneously ovulates each other.

In other words, you have subconsciously excited her, even if you don’t want to do it; psychologically, when you know that this is your last time, you will be more unscrupulous and relaxed.

Try this tonight: The way to make a woman not shy is to let her relax and relax physically.

Help her with housework and reduce what she has to do in her brain.

Your thoughtfulness and initiative will make her more intimate with you.

Give her a massage, focus on the earlobe, hands and back, this is a hidden excitement.

5, birthday sex commemoration reasons: birthday you always think she will give you some kind of gift or surprise, maybe a different kind of sex is the best gift.

Try it tonight: Tell her you want to take her to a mysterious place and ask if she can leave her underwear at home.

Take her to a place with Latin music, because Latin dance makes it very sexy.

When you get home, you can present her the perfect gift: to mobilize all aspects of the senses and give her an unprecedented climax.

6, the first love commemoration reason: because it is the first time, so your senses will be mobilized.

And because every man has his own set of sexual processes, when the process changes, they are more excited when they are with their new girlfriend.

Try it tonight: Maybe it’s not your first time tonight, but the key is to mobilize your senses, or at least to motivate them.

Here’s a little game you can try: blindfold, drop a drop of honey on her body, use your tongue to find the honey; drink a sip of champagne, then don’t swallow, kiss her; tie with her pantsLiving with your feet, the sense of restraint can greatly stimulate sexual desire.

7, holiday sex commemoration reasons: First of all, you do not have pressure from all sides, such as work, money and other things.

And because of changes in the surrounding environment, your sexual desire will also increase greatly.

Try it tonight: From the simple luxury, you can spend your vacation every day.

Sleep backwards, stretch your foot to the pillow or turn the bed in the direction.

Even with such small changes, you will feel extra stimulation.

Change the order of the foreplay.

8, pregnancy sex commemoration reasons: Many couples are nervous when they first try their children, because they have been trying to contraception, but now they decided to be parents.It is very romantic to say “We want a child” to the other half.

Try it tonight: put some rose petals on the ceiling fan and turn on the fan when she is lying down.

Put the songs at your wedding.

If there is something special for you, get it in the bedroom, because there will be some special tacit understanding between you.