[Efficacy and role of winter melon pork]_Winter melon pork_Benefit_Efficacy

[Efficacy and role of winter melon pork]_Winter melon pork_Benefit_Efficacy

Winter melon fried pork is an alternative we often eat.

From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, melon has the special effects of swelling and diuresis, clearing heat and detoxifying. For people who often get angry, they can eat more melon.

In addition, winter melon can also reduce fat and blood pressure, which is a healthy vegetable for too many people.

Pork protein protein has the effect of enhancing human immunity.

Let’s take a look at the specific introduction of the efficacy of winter melon pork.

Efficacy and role of melon: 1, can eliminate edema melon skin sweet, medicinal properties, good at water swelling.

For the treatment of edema, such as “Hunan Medicine Journal” with this product with Wujiapi, ginger peel, Jianfu; Ruozhi physical edema, such as (“Zhejiang Medicinal Plants”) with melon skin, red beans, brown sugar, moderate amount.

Boiled and eaten bean soup.

2, Qingrejieshu winter melon skin is cold, has the effect of clearing away heat.

It is used to cure thirst in summer heat, short urination, such as (“Sichuan Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine”) melon peel, watermelon peel, etc., and fried water instead of tea;Equal use.

3, clearing heat and coughing melon peel can be used for patients with cough due to phlegm heat and internal resistance, often used with phlegm heat clearing drugs.

Winter melon peel and cough relieving formula: five melon peels (who need to pass through the cream), some kind of honey.


4, wet damp pus melon peel wet damp pus.

It is mainly used in lung loquat. There are two main uses. One is often used with reed root, coix seed, and scutellaria baicalensis; the other is often used with rhubarb, tannin, peach kernel, and mallow.

5, treatment of flutter damage can be cured.

Winter melon skin treatment of falling and injured parties: one or two dried melon skins, one or two real leather glue (coarse).

Stir into the pot.

For each five dollars, good wine and hot clothes, still drinking for a while, thick cover to get a little sweat.

The efficacy and role of pork: 1.

Protein supplements and financial pork provide humans with high-quality protein and essential fatty acids.

Pork can provide heme (organic iron) and cysteine to promote iron absorption, which can improve iron deficiency anemia.


Tonifying the kidney, nourishing yin and pork, has a flat and sweet flavor, has the effect of invigorating the stomach and invigorating fluid, replenishing kidney qi, antipyretic effect, treating fever injury, thirst, weight loss, weak kidney, weak postpartum blood, dry cough, constipation, tonicDeficiency, nourishing yin, moisturizing, nourishing liver and yin, moisturizing the skin, urination and quenching thirst.


Runzao pork soup can make up for the irritations caused by insufficient fluid, dry cough, constipation and dystocia.

Nutritional value 1.

The protein of pork is high-quality protein, which contains all the essential amino acids of the human body.


Pork iron phosphate is necessary for the production and maintenance of red blood cells in human blood.


Pork is the main source of vitamin supplements, especially vitamin B1 in refined pork.

Pork also contains excess vitamin B2, which plays an important role in the synthesis and decomposition of feces.

Applicable people are edible.

Suitable for lack of yin deficiency, dizziness, anemia, dry cough without sputum, dry stool, and malnourished people.