7 major safety drugs in daily life

7 major safety drugs in daily life

At present, there are many bad habits in Chinese medicine. Some bad habits are a great hidden danger of increasing adverse drug reactions and phytotoxicity. For example, it is impossible to distinguish between prescription drugs and OTC, medication is not symptomatic, repeated medication, excessive superstition of antibiotics, etc.Neglect.

  Hidden dangers 1 self-purchased drugs regardless of prescription over-the-counter situation review: “There is a headache, this year’s task is still not completed, you have to think about it.

Xiao Li said as he picked up two pieces and went to the mouth.

At this time, Lao Zhang walked by, and inadvertently picked up Xiao Li’s medicine bag. When he saw the pain, he said to Xiao Li: “How do you take this medicine?

It is a prescription drug, and there are many side effects. It is very dangerous to eat as casually as you are. My wife is a pharmacist. I often teach myself to buy medicines and buy over-the-counter drugs. It is the medicine with the OTC logo in the upper right corner.

Xiao Li rushed to check the Internet and was surprised by the fact that the medicine was still so much more stressful.

  ” OTC?

Non-prescription drugs?

what is that?

“Maybe some consumers don’t know at all.”

This is very dangerous because it is safe to use only over-the-counter medicines during self-medication.

All over-the-counter kits have an OTC logo in the upper right corner, and prescription drugs without such markers, such as painkillers, are not available for purchase by ordinary consumers. They need to be done under the guidance of a professional physician.

  Hidden dangers 2 Do not read the instructions before the use of the situation review: a week ago, Xiaoning suddenly used up the gas when taking a bath, had to rush to the cold water, and the result was a cold.

He took out a piece of sangju cold film from the medicine box, but he did not even have a good week, and even had symptoms of cough and asthma.

After the doctor, the doctor told Xiaoning that, fortunately, he was treated in time, and he was hospitalized for pneumonia later; and the doctor told Xiaoning that he had taken the wrong medicine. Sangju cold tablets were used to treat wind and cold, and Xiaoning was suffering from cold.Cold, if you read the instructions before the medication, symptomatic medication, this will not happen.

  Experts must carefully read the drug instructions and take them in accordance with the instructions before using the drug.

The instructions for the drug cover the drug composition, indications, methods, precautions, expiration date, drug interactions, adverse reactions, etc. of the drug. Please read the instructions carefully to ensure safe and rational use of the drug.

  Hidden dangers 3 Repeated medications Some people in the life, because of “hate disease” led to a set of medication “combination boxing”, feel that taking a certain drug at the same time, will be good compensation, but the hidden danger of this behavior is very large.

Because I often ignore the common name on the pill box, I think that I have taken several drugs with different functions and treatments. The result is that I have mistreated the same drug. The result of repeated drug use is often not affordable.Too large is one of the root causes of adverse drug reactions.

  In addition, there is also a class of drugs – Chinese and Western medicine compound preparations, if you do not read the drug instructions carefully, it is easy to ignore the Western medicine ingredients, if you take Chinese medicine and take the same ingredients of Western medicine, it can also cause repeated medication.
  - The phenomenon of “phase-by-gram” of drugs can not be ignored. When two or more drugs are taken at the same time, there is a possibility of interaction between the drugs, which may cause toxicity and even cause serious drug-induced damage, but many consumers are currentlyThis is not very clear about this.

  Hidden dangers 4 over-confidence antibiotics situation review: After a small sensitive, go to the pharmacy to buy antibiotics, because there is no prescription, the pharmacy does not sell to her, but Xiaomin eats this medicine every time, so he has not quarreled with the clerkframe.
In anger, she found a friend who was a doctor, and the friend praised the pharmacy. Because Xiaomin’s cold is just some runny nose, the throat is uncomfortable, and there is no need to take antibiotics. Xiaomin has committed too many superstitious antibiotics.The problem.

  Experts interpret high blood pressure, and there are too many people who are “fascinated” with antibiotics like Xiaomin. Some people even regard it as a “universal medicine”. They should eat some serious illnesses. In fact, this is an abuse of antibiotics.

The data show that the actual need to use antibiotics is less than 20% of the current status of application, so it is now one of the countries with the most serious antibiotic abuse in the world.

Abuse of antibiotics can cause anticipation. Before transferring the superbugs of concern to the world, it is the consequence of the abuse of antibiotics.

Antibiotics are prescription drugs, and they must be taken according to prescriptions. If antibiotics are not applied in strict accordance with the norms, “universal drugs” are also deadly drugs, and may even pose a threat to the health of the entire human race.

  Hidden dangers 5 Do not take any medicine according to the amount of any drug in the dose has a valid range and safe range, if the dose is insufficient, the drug is invalid, and if the dose is too high, it is likely to cause drug poisoning.

The instructions for the drug or the dose of the prescription are summed up in countless clinical cases and are currently considered to be the most reasonable amount.

Therefore, consumers must take medication according to the measurement when taking the medicine, do not arbitrarily reduce and increase, otherwise the consequences may be quite serious.

  Especially for the elderly or children who are not fully developed, the dose cannot be changed without authorization due to the relative reduction of the functions of the organs.

If the condition requires it, it must be done under the guidance of a physician or licensed pharmacist when changing the dosage.

  Hidden danger 6 does not take the medication on time. Mr. Liu has been suffering from high blood pressure for three years, and blood pressure control is not good, because he only feels uncomfortable or measures blood pressure more than 140 / 90mmHg before taking antihypertensive drugs, every time he goes to the hospital for doctor intervention.The most is to take the medicine on time, but Mr. Liu believes that the medicine can not be eaten more, the current situation is not bad.

However, on the morning of the fifth day of the year, Mr. Liu fainted in the bathroom. Fortunately, his family found it in time to be sent to the hospital.

  Experts interpret the stable control of blood pressure is an important factor to avoid complications. If you do not take the medicine on time, the blood pressure changes from time to time. The harm to patients with hypertension is very large. On-time medication is a “daily compulsory course” for hypertensive patients, not only high.Blood pressure, other diseases should be the same.

  The reason why drugs can treat diseases continuously depends on maintaining a certain concentration in the blood. If the blood concentration required for treatment is maintained, it must be taken on time and in volume.

What is needed is that if you don’t take the medicine on time, you don’t take the medicine at the time, but also occasionally forget it and miss it.

  Hidden dangers 7 use expired drugs Some people think that “expired drugs are only a reduction in efficacy, just eat more.””” I don’t know, this is extremely dangerous.

During the process of storage, the drug will change constantly. The shelf life of the drug is not set casually. When the drug exceeds the shelf life, there are two situations. One is that the drug effect is weakened, and the other is that the drug has undergone deterioration and even chemical structure changes.If the drug has undergone deterioration and structural changes, it may not be a drug to treat the disease or even a poison for human life.

Even if the efficacy of expired drugs is weakened, there is a risk of delaying the timing of treatment, and the harm is equally large.