Folklore: Xiaohan

Folklore: Xiaohan

The motherland medicine believes that the cold is the mainstay of winter, and Xiao Han is the coldest season of the year.

The cold is yin and evil, it is easy to hurt the human body yang, and the cold owner receives stagnation.

Therefore, although Xiaohan Health includes a lot of content, the basic principle is still the one in the “Yellow Emperor’s Canon”: “Spring and summer Yangyang, autumn and winter Yangyin.

“Whenever things are collected in winter, the health care should conform to the trend of natural collection, collect the essence of Yin, make the essence of cohesion, to run the five internal organs.

In the winter season, the function of the kidney is strong, and the body can be adjusted to adapt to the changes in the harsh winter.

Therefore, it is very important to maintain health in the winter.

  Although this season is the best time for “tonic”, but tonic is not enough to eat a lot of tonics, it must be targeted.

According to the traditional Chinese medicine theory, nourishing is divided into four categories, namely qi, blood, yin, and yang.

  The qi is mainly for the qi deficiency constitution, such as sweating after exercise, mental fatigue, women’s uterus prolapse, etc., should use red ginseng, red dates, Atractylodes, Beibei, Huaishan and Schisandra.

  The blood is mainly for blood deficiency such as dizziness, palpitations, insomnia, pale complexion, pale lips, less menstrual flow and light color, and application of Angelica, Rehmannia, Angelica, Ejiao and Shouwu.

  Bu Yin against the yin deficiency such as night sweats in the afternoon, low fever, two toe flushing, hand and foot heart heat, women with increased vaginal discharge and other signs, should use Cordyceps sinensis, white ginseng, sand ginseng, asparagus, armor, turtle shell, white fungus and so on.

  Complementing Yang for yang deficiency such as cold hands and feet, cold, soreness, low sexual performance and other signs, can choose antler, Eucommia, Cistanche, Basil and so on.

The physique of yin deficiency and yang is better to use Cordyceps sinensis, Dendrobium, Radix Scutellariae, Polygonatum, Fructus sinensis, and the like.

  Tonic in the cold, you can eat foods that have the effect of warming Yang, such as lamb, beef, sesame, walnut, peach, almond, melon, peanut, hazelnut, pine nuts, raisins, etc.

  Earth-shaped people: Chuan-bian eucommia tonifying qi and blood diet to nourish: eat more foods that have the benefits of liver and kidney, supplement the heart and help the lungs, warm Yang, such as Chuanchuan, Eucommia, beef, lamb, walnuts, peanuts, chestnuts and so on.

  The medicated diet can be used in “Chuanchuan Duzhong Tang”: 20 grams of Chuanchuan, 20 grams of Eucommia, 250 grams of pork, salt, monosodium glutamate, ginger, and onions.

Wash the pork, cut into small pieces, and add to the casserole with Chuanchuan, Eucommia, add ginger, green onion and appropriate amount of water, boil with high heat, then boil over low heat until the meat is rotten, transfer to MSG, salt. Serve.

It has the effect of warming the kidney and strengthening the yang, replenishing qi and blood.

  Wood-shaped people: fungus sea cucumber warm kidney and Yang Yang diet nursed back to health: should eat more tonic liver and kidney, tonic heart to help the lungs, such as black fungus, sea cucumber, hazelnut, cinnamon, lamb, beef, pork and so on.

  The medicated diet can be used with “milk sea cucumber cinnamon soup”: 30 grams of black fungus, 20 grams of sea cucumber, 5 grams of cinnamon, 150 grams of lean pork, salt, MSG.

Wash black fungus, sea cucumber with warm water, wash; wash the lean pork, cut into small pieces, then put it in casserole with cinnamon, add appropriate amount of water, boil over high heat, simmer until lean meat is cookedSo far, add salt, MSG, etc., and then cook it.

It has the effect of warming kidney and nourishing yang, nourishing yin and blood.

  Fire-shaped people: “two sons boiled eggs” to help the lungs to help the heart to nourish: you can eat more food with qi and nourishing yin, lungs and help the heart, such as sputum, Eucommia, Radix, Yuzhu and so on.

  The medicated diet can be “two boiled eggs”: 15 grams of lotus seeds, 20 grams of medlar, 10 grams of lily, 8 jujubes, 2 eggs.

Add lotus seeds, hazelnuts, lily, jujube and eggs to the casserole, add appropriate amount of water to cook together. When the eggs are cooked, peel off the eggshell and cook for a while. It has nourishing liver and kidney and supplementing the heart and helping the lungs.

  Gold-shaped people: Walnut Schisandra tonifying kidney solid diet diet: Eat more tonic lung, warm spleen and stomach, adjust liver and kidney food, such as lamb, Eucommia, walnut, Schisandra, mulberry, Cordyceps, Cordyceps and so on.

  Medicinal food replaces “walnut kernel sesame seed honey paste”: 5 walnuts, 3 grams of Schisandra, honey amount.

Wash the walnut kernels and schisandra, grind into powder, and mix with honey to make a paste.

It has the effect of tonifying kidney and solidifying.

  Water-shaped people: Cistanche deserticola eucommia Yangyang Yangqi diet nursed back to health: eat more food with warming Yangyang effect, such as Cistanche, lamb, beef, Eucommia, psoralen and so on.

  Medicinal diet can be used “meat porridge”: 15 grams of Cistanche, 100 grams of mutton, 100 grams of previous rice, onions, ginger, the right amount.

Wash the cistanche, add it to the casserole, add some water, boil over high heat, cook for 20 minutes on low heat, pour the slag into the juice, add the mutton, add the appropriate amount of water, cook over low heat until the meat is rotten and add the previous rice andAppropriate amount of water, continue to cook until the rice porridge thick, add onions, ginger, slightly cooked Serve.

It has the effect of tonifying kidney and strengthening yang.

  The folk song also said: “When the winter moves, it is less troublesome; in the winter, it is lazy, lazy, and drink a bowl of medicine.

“This illustrates the nature of winter exercise.

In this dry and cold day, outdoor sports should be carried out, such as morning jogging, skipping, kicking and so on.

It is also necessary to calm down in the spirit, to be optimistic, not to be trivial, to calm down, and to add fun.

  In this solar terms, people with high blood pressure and high blood pressure often get worse, and those who suffer from “stroke” increase.Chinese medicine believes that the blood in the human body is easy to flow when it is warm, and it is easy to stagnate when it gets cold. The so-called “blood is cold and condensed”, which is the truth.

Therefore, warm work must be done well, especially the elderly.