Salt can’t be eaten with vinegar.

Salt can’t be eaten with vinegar.

Speaking of vinegar, I naturally think of Shanxi people.

  Shanxi is the birthplace of Chinese vinegar, and Shanxi brewed vinegar has a history of more than 4,000 years.

Up to now, Shanxi old vinegar has become a must-see for tourists to Shanxi.

Speaking of the history of vinegar, there is an interesting allusion.

In ancient times, the vinegar was called “醯”, the person who brewed vinegar was called “醯人”, and the vinegar was called “Lao”.

Therefore, jealous is not called jealous, but called “eat 醯”.

Because of the special contribution of Shanxi people to the vinegar technology, coupled with the greed of Shanxi people, it coincides with the “Xi” word of “醯” and Shanxi, so the people in other provinces called Shanxi people “old children.”

  I personally love jealousy, eat noodles, dumplings like to add some vinegar to taste, sour taste will make me more appetite.

Sometimes cooking, will also put some vinegar properly, some stewed pork ribs or big bone soup, a few drops of vinegar when the soup rolls, not only fresh, in addition to sputum, but also promote the precipitation of calcium in the bone, let the bonesSoup really supplements the role of calcium; while fried vegetables, two drops of vinegar can reduce the loss of nutrients such as vitamin C in vegetables, and preserve the nutritional value of vegetables.

A few drops of vinegar, the absolute effect is great.

  In fact, vinegar is originally made of whole grains. Like wine, it preserves the essence of raw materials, such as citric acid, acetic acid and amino acids in vinegar, which are very beneficial to the human body.

Recently, a fruit vinegar is also popular. It is said to have a good beauty and beauty effect, and it is very popular with women.

My colleague Xiao Wu regards fruit vinegar as a beauty and health care product that must be consumed every day. I often admire the beauty of fruit vinegar with me.

  Since vinegar has been so loved by everyone, what effect does it have?

  ★ Vinegar can appetite and promote digestion: the unique acidic taste of vinegar can stimulate appetite. Therefore, when the appetite is not good, or the elderly with degraded taste, eat some vinegar to adjust the appetite and improve the eating situation.Early and young people drink vinegar in moderation and promote digestion.

  ★ vinegar can prevent high blood pressure: “less salt and more vinegar” can reduce the risk of high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, coronary hypertension, stroke and other diseases.

In addition, fruit vinegar contains mineral potassium, which can help the body to excrete excess sodium and prevent high blood pressure.

  The health effect of vinegar is not small, a small amount of jealousy is unimpeded, but everything has a degree, too much or even harmful.

Drink too much vinegar, too much gastrointestinal irritation.

Therefore, you should pay attention to the timing and quantity when you are jealous, and don’t mess with it, eat it inappropriately, and hurt your body.

The following points are especially important to keep in mind.

People who like to eat meat can add a cup of fruit vinegar after each meal to help digestion. People who are vegetarian or have good digestive function are not necessary.

Drinking vinegar in quantity, it is best not to exceed 20 ml per day.

Try not to drink on an empty stomach, or replace it with boiling water, which causes damage to the stomach.

People with stomach ulcers and hyperacidity should not drink more with diabetes.

People who are allergic to fruits should read the instructions and avoid the corresponding fruit vinegar.

Older people should be less jealous to prevent excessive calcification of bones, otherwise fractures are prone to occur.

  In fact, as long as the diet is balanced, the vinegar we absorb is enough.

You don’t have to expect too much from vinegar, let alone believe in remedies, thinking that it can cure diseases.

Whether it is necessary to drink vinegar every day is purely a personal diet, health is preferred, and there is not much scientific basis.

  Seven things to open the door, rice, oil and salt sauce vinegar tea, this is a true portrayal of the life of the Chinese before.

Now, people living in the city no longer have to burn wood, but the other six things are still indispensable.

It is very necessary to talk about it, the first one is salt.

  Salt is called “the ancestor of Baiwei”. Salt can not only increase the taste of substitution, but also promote the secretion of gastric juice and increase appetite.

However, salt is important because it has a strong physiological regulation effect. Every day, there is a sufficient amount of salt to maintain the normal activity of the heart, maintaining normal osmotic pressure and acid-base balance in the body.

In ancient China, the control of salt was very strict. It was forbidden to buy salt by private traders. Because salt is a daily necessities, no one can be less, so the profits are very large.

  However, we Chinese people have the biggest problem with salt consumption – excessive.

When I first got married, every time my husband ate my food, he always said: “It’s too light, there is no salty taste.”I responded: “This is because you used to eat too salty.

Now that I am in charge, I must put your habits over.

The World Health Organization recommends that each person’s daily salt intake exceeds 6 grams, which should be done for minors.

Adults usually need 2200 mg of sodium per day, including 1000 mg of sodium in the food itself (sauce, soy sauce, cooked food, and some vegetables contain sodium), so you only need to take 1200 mg of sodium from the salt.The amount of salt is converted into about 3 grams per day.

  In fact, the per capita salt intake in a year greatly exceeds the standards recommended by the World Health Organization.

Among them, the most salt-stricken people are the Northeasters. The average person eats 18 grams of salt a day. The lowest salt intake is from Guangdong. The salt consumption is 8 grams, which exceeds the standard.

Northerners have a higher proportion of high blood pressure than southerners, and have a lot to do with salt intake.

  Eating too much salt is not good for health, it will increase the burden of kidney and cardiovascular, and it will cause kidney disease, high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. Once the gastric mucosa is destroyed, it will cause stomach ulcer, gastritis and even stomach cancer.

  I personally prefer light tastes. When cooking, I put less salt. My family is also under my “cultivation”, gradually changing the eating habits of heavy tastes, so that I occasionally go to friends, relatives or restaurants to eat heavy-tasting meals.Not accustomed to it.

  However, the amount of salt should not be too low. For some people, a diet with too low a salt has a greater impact on the heart than a high-salt diet.

Therefore, for most people with good health (especially those with normal blood pressure), there is no need to choose a diet with a very low salt content.

  I recommend that the sisters prepare a spoon of salt, which makes it easier to control the amount of salt.