It is advisable to raise the heart during the summer season.

It is advisable to raise the heart during the summer season.

This year, May 5th is the summer of the lunar calendar.

At this time, “the bucket refers to the southeast, and the dimension is the summer. Everything grows up, so it is named Xia.”

At this time, the sun yellow is 45 degrees. In astronomy, Lixia said that he would say goodbye to spring, which is the beginning of summer days.

  It is customary for people to regard Lixia as an important solar term in which the temperature rises obviously, the heat is coming, the thunderstorm is too much, and the crops enter the peak season.

  In the summer season, it is advisable to raise the heart all year round. Summer is a fire, and the fire is in the heart. Therefore, the summer is connected with the heart. In summer, some people are easily irritated and prone to insomnia and oral ulcers. Therefore, it is necessary to raise the first thing in summer.heart”.

  The heart is in the five elements of the fire, and corresponds to the summer heat of the sun, so it is yang, its main physiological function is the main blood and the main mind, playing the role of dominating life activities.

The inner heart is in the body, and its face is in the face. It should be in the dark, the sweat in the liquid, the heart open in the tongue, the heart and the small intestine, thus forming a dynamic, overall connected heart function system.

  Summer and heart steam pass, is conducive to the physiological activities of the heart, therefore, to comply with this change in the solar terms, to maintain the heart, experts say that at this time, the elderly should pay attention to avoid blood stasis and prevent high blood pressure.

  Old Chinese medicine tips, after the summer, people are easy to feel irritated, so Lixia health to do “stop dry and anger”, should not be overjoyed, to keep the spirit quiet, peace of mind, comfortable, smile often open.

In addition, in the diet adjustment, should eat less high-fat and spicy and spicy things, eat more light and vitamin foods, such as yam, wheat, corn, seafood, eggs, these foods can both heat, heatstrokeIt converges on sweat, replenishes fluid, and increases appetite.

  Chinese medicine believes that the summer heart is the most vigorous, when the summer heat rises, people are easily irritated, tempered, and the body’s immune function is also quite low.

Especially in the elderly, myocardial infarction caused by anger, arrhythmia, elevated blood pressure is easy to increase, and even sudden death.

Therefore, in the spring and summer at the turn of the road to adapt to changes in the weather, do a good job of self-regulation, focusing on heart care.

  The old Chinese medicine doctors suggested that “Lixia” should do a good job of “mental health” and do more quiet things, such as painting, calligraphy, listening to music, playing chess, planting flowers, fishing, etc.

  Late sleep, get up early, and take a lunch break. Because of the “black summer”, it is too late to light up early. People often wake up late and wake up early, causing insufficient sleep and often “snoring” during the day.

Experts said that between 13:00 and 15:00 is the highest time of the day. People are prone to sweating, sweating and cooling, blood is concentrated in the body surface, blood supply to the brain is relatively reduced, blood supply to the digestive tract after lunch is excessive, blood supply to the brainIt is even more diminished, and people are prone to lack of energy and sleepiness.

  Therefore, according to the changes in the solar terms, relative to the winter and spring seasons, you can fall asleep later and get up early to conform to the changes in the natural world.

However, it is necessary to increase the nap, especially the elderly have more characteristics of sleeplessness, and more need to take a nap.

Those who do not have a nap at noon can listen to music or close their eyes. It is best not to work overtime.

  Time, half an hour to an hour of lunch break is appropriate, time should not be too long, do not rush to wake up after waking up, then lie down for 10 minutes to get up.

Don’t be greedy when you sleep, avoid sleeping at the tuyere to prevent the cold from getting sick.

  Old Chinese medicine tips, summer lunch break is not beneficial to all people, people with low blood pressure disease and blood circulation system, especially those who have dizziness due to narrowing of cerebral arteriosclerosis, should not take a lunch break.