Eat more than ten foods in the fall to enhance immunity

Eat more than ten foods in the fall to enhance immunity

Autumn and winter seasons are the season of high flu. In the autumn when the temperature begins to decline, it is very important to enhance immunity. It can be conditioned by diet, and some foods can enhance people’s immunity.

Here are 10 kinds of ingredients that can improve immunity, and do not hinder the intake.

  Kiwifruit Kiwifruit is rich in vitamin C and has an immune-enhancing effect.

At the same time, the polysaccharides contained in kiwifruit have the ability to prevent bacterial infections.

The golden kiwifruit contains more vitamin C and vitamin E than the green kiwi, which has the effect of relieving the symptoms of colds.

  To improve immunity, the first thing that tea needs to do is to eliminate the active oxygen in the body.

Black tea and green tea contain a lot of antioxidants, which can reduce the active oxygen in the body, activate the immune cells in the body, and improve the body’s immunity.

  Garlic and garlic contain natural antibiotic substances, which have a good effect on relieving nasal congestion.

Garlic, the main ingredient of garlic, has been proven to have good antibacterial activity, is effective against colds and flu viruses, and enhances human resistance.

  The essential ingredient of ginger just caught by a cold is ginger. The ginger ketone secreted in ginger has a strong bactericidal effect, and it can promote blood circulation and eliminate fatigue.

  Honey When the throat is dry and painful, drinking honey water can effectively relieve the dryness and correction of the throat, and directly eating honey can also remove the bacteria attached to the throat mucosa, which helps to promote the recovery of the cold.

  Spicy cloves, cinnamon and other spices have a certain effect to promote the immune system to play a better role.

  Sweet potato sweet potato is rich in beta carotene and vitamin E, which can enhance the body’s immune system. In addition, the mucin contained in sweet potato can also enhance immunity.

  The addition of vitamin D and antioxidants to broccoli broccoli has a certain effect on preventing colds. In addition, spinach, cabbage and other vegetables can also prevent bacterial infections and long-term effects of preventing bacteria.

  The β-glucan contained in the mushroom mushroom is one of the supplemental fibers, which can activate the human immunity and protect the human body from diseases such as colds.

However, it should be noted that β-glucan is a supplemental fiber, so be careful not to wash it for too long during cooking to avoid loss of β-glucan.

  Squid squid is rich in vitamin D, which can prevent colds and flu viruses. In addition, astaxanthin, a strong antioxidant that is rich in squid, can remove active oxygen in the body, activate immune cells, and improve human immunity.