[Eating melon and tingling my tongue]_What’s going on_Why?

[Eating melon and tingling my tongue]_What’s going on_Why?

Melon, also called cantaloupe, is a common fruit in life.

Melon is rich in a lot of vitamins, carotene, added fiber and other nutrients, and has the effect of clearing heat and relieving heat and diuretic.

It is a fruit that many people like to eat.

But many people numb their tongues after eating melon, and what’s going on?

Here are the reasons and solutions for eating melon and tingling the tongue.

What to do if you eat melon and tingle your tongue 1. If you drink salt water, you may have symptoms of numbness in your tongue and hair, and the condition is not particularly serious. You can relieve some discomfort by drinking some salt water, and then observe if the situation improves.

2. If you go to the doctor for medical treatment, after eating melon tongue numbness, it is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, or a large area of rash. It may be a melon allergy or a certain chemical component poisoning. You need to seek medical treatment immediately for targeted treatment.

What is the reason for eating melon and tingling the tongue? 1. The phytoalkali and bitterin that are added to the melon before it is ripe can have an irritating effect on the oral mucosa. It will give a bitterness when eaten in small amounts.The numbness of the tongue appeared.

Therefore, do not eat unmelted melon.

2. Causes of allergies Some people are more prone to allergies, so after eating melon, numbness of the tongue may occur, and rashes in the body may occur.

So although melon contains a variety of vitamins, it is not suitable for everyone. You must also consider your physical fitness before eating.

3. The sweetener residue melon itself has a certain sweet taste, especially the ripe melon, which has a heavier sweet taste, but the melon is not suitable for continuous storage and transportation. The melon is generally harvested during the semi-maturity period.During the transportation process, it slowly matures, and some unscrupulous merchants sprayed sweeteners to increase the sweetness of melon. This chemical has high sweetness and consumes too many people.

Therefore, when buying melon, you generally choose the sweetness that allows it. The sweetness is better, but too sweet melon cannot be purchased.

4. The chemical composition exceeds the standard. Generally, the purchased fruits will have some ripening agents and pesticides. If they are not cleaned before eating, the tongue will feel uncomfortable after eating.

And pesticides can make melon bitter.

Therefore, melon should be washed and eaten after it is bought.