[How much milk is suitable for adults every day]_milk_adults_how to drink

[How much milk is suitable for adults every day]_milk_adults_how to drink

Milk as a staple food has been accepted by the majority of people, because milk is rich in nutrients, it becomes protein and trace elements, can solve malnutrition, and provide an alternative basis for people’s health.

Although milk is high in nutrition, you should pay attention to the amount of milk when you eat it. Let’s take a look at how much milk an adult drinks daily.


Milk is a kind of food with higher nutritional value. If you drink less, it will be difficult to play. If you drink too much milk, it will be difficult to digest and absorb. Therefore, you should determine the amount of milk you drink every day according to the age, physical and mental consumption.


Generally, an adult should drink 400?
500 ml, two bottles of milk, it is recommended to drink at least 250 ml, one bottle of milk.

Economic conditions permit the best three bottles, about 750 ml, but should not exceed 1000 ml.

To be simple, it is “guaranteed one bottle, two bottles are expected, preferably three bottles, not more than four bottles”.

Slowly add from less to more, and drink yogurt as best. ”

Some people are not accustomed to drinking milk and their bodies are uncomfortable. After drinking, abdominal distension, mild abdominal pain and diarrhea often occur. This is a type of “lactose intolerance”, and there are more people in Asia with “lactose intolerance”.

Overcoming methods: First, you can gradually increase the amount of milk you drink from small to large to induce the production of lactose-degrading enzymes and slowly adapt; second, you can switch to yogurt, because most of the lactose has been broken down after fermentation by yogurt with lactic acid bacteria.
It can be said that yogurt is more suitable for dairy products introduced by Orientals.

Experts suggest that drinking a glass of milk in the evening or half an hour before bedtime has a soothing effect and can promote sleep.

It is conceivable that after a busy day of work, drinking a cup of warm milk, accompanied by the faint milk fragrance, into a sweet dreamland, this is how warm and enjoyable, everyone can give it a try.

“A glass of milk before bedtime, fast to fall asleep.”