The thirsty season is coming!

Run the lungs to solve the autumn dryness, and eat it in the autumn!

The thirsty season is coming!
Run the lungs to solve the autumn dryness, and eat it in the autumn!

When Cantonese people lick soup, they often put some almonds, because many people know that almonds have the effect of lowering qi, relieving cough, relieving asthma and moistening the lungs.

However, some people say that “one of the north and south apricots is toxic, and it must be properly matched to not be poisoned.” Is this true?

How can the North and South apricots be used to play just right?

The combination of north and south apricots, to be divided into light and heavy, from the efficacy of the effect, Nanxing and Beixing have different focuses.

Apricot, also known as sweet almond, is characteristic of sweetness.

Apricot sweet and sour, has moisturizing and nourishing the lungs, nourishing the skin, and relaxing the bowels. It is suitable for the deficiency of lung deficiency, dry cough and long-term asthma, chronic intestinal dry constipation and dry skin.

Moreover, because of the apricot moisturizing the intestines, it is most suitable for dryness, vaginal cough, phlegm and cough and cold cough should not eat.

North apricot, also known as bitter almond.

The apricot taste is bitter and warm, and it also has the effect of lowering qi, relieving cough and relieving asthma, and relieving laxativeness. It is often used for coughing and asthma, chest fullness, and constipation.

Because the apricot is in the air, the cough and asthma, the laxative and other aspects of the effect is obvious in the South Apricot, so in the medicine, often choose North Apricot.

Of course, many times, people are mixed with apricot and apricot, so it will not hinder.

However, if you can choose according to the specific circumstances of the patient, the effect is better.

For example, if you only have a dry cough or a virtual cough, you can use apricot.

Common symptoms of dry cough or virtual cough are dry cough and no phlegm, or thick and hard to cough up, dry nose and mouth, itchy or dry throat, like drinking.

Because dry and easy to hurt the lungs, dryness is the main cause of autumn, so the autumn cough is mostly dry cough.

If it is a solid cough, you should choose North Apricot.

The actual cough is characterized by a lot of phlegm, coughing, heavy and turbid sound, gas reversal, pancreatic chest fullness or two flank pain.

Of course, if both a virtual cough and a solid cough are present, it is most appropriate to use the two together.

But it is best to take a closer look at why the cough is the main cause.

When the actual cough is more obvious, the amount of the apricot should be relatively larger to strengthen the lungs; and when the dry cough is obvious, the amount of the apricot should be increased to relieve the lungs and relieve cough.

With bitter almonds, the first peeled almond is toxic, and its toxicity is derived from hydrocyanic acid.

Hydrocyanic acid is produced by the decomposition of amygdalin under certain conditions.

In fact, amygdalin is the main medicinal ingredient of almonds and is itself non-toxic. The main culprit is bitter almond enzyme.

Therefore, it should replace the ground to preserve amygdalin during processing, while avoiding the destruction of bitter almond enzyme to reduce toxicity.

How can I clear the bitter almond enzyme?

In ancient times, there was a narrative of “the fire is good.”

Modern research has also found that placing bitter almonds in boiling water 10 times in a dose of 10 times can achieve the effect of completely destroying the bitter almond enzyme.

Generally, the soup has been used for a long time, which can greatly reduce the toxicity of bitter almond.

In fact, in daily life, it is an effective method of cooking the bitter almonds by peeling them or smashing them.

The almond skin interferes with the frying of the active ingredients and the inactivation of the bitter almond enzyme, while the almond skin excludes amygdalin, which is a non-medicinal part.

It has been reasonable to use peeled almonds to peel the skin since ancient times.

Eat almonds, do not exceed 15 grams too many people like to eat almonds in the soup; almonds are also a popular snack, sweet and sweet, quite like children.

But if you don’t add to the temperance, you may be “provoked to get rid of the upper body.”

Nanxing is rich in vitamins and various trace elements. People suffering from lung disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and high blood fat may not be harmed by long-term consumption. There is a great substitute for it; but the amount of each consumption should not exceed 15 grams, after that, sweet.Almonds are also a bit toxic and not suitable for eating.

The toxicity of Apricot is dozens of times higher than that of ordinary sweet almonds.

It has been reported that children eat bitter almonds 10?20 capsules, adults eat 20?
60 capsules (equivalent to 6?
18 grams), which may cause poisoning and even death.
Therefore, whether taking it with Jianshui or taking it after warming, whether it is taken or eaten, bitter almond should not exceed 15 grams per day.