I am not a ruthless person, but I hurt you the most.

I am not a ruthless person, but I hurt you the most.

It was an unforgettable first love.

Ten years have passed, but it is often in my heart.

  His name is the army, a loud name, and a common name.

We were introduced by a relative. At that time, he had just returned from the armed police force and worked as a security guard in a company.

  I remember when he met for the first time, he was wearing a uniform and his body was straight and looked very powerful.

But he is too embarrassed, not talking, and when he is with him, he is very embarrassed and nervous.

In the face of my doubts, he is just “oh”, “that is”, “maybe”, but just walked in the park for a while, he was sweating.

Looking at his stupid look, I couldn’t help but laugh out loudly. He lowered his head and his face was redder.

  We gradually became familiar with it. He surprised me and laughed: I was very strong and could smash two bicycles at once; I had a big meal and I could eat 5 hoes for a meal. There were very few words, and I said that he listened for a lot of time.My heart is very thin, I can remember all my favorite snacks; I love listening to the songs of lyric female singers, especially loves Deng Lijun. Although he does not like to talk, he always realizes his kindness and simplicity.

I remember once I went to find him. He must show me something like mystery. I asked what it was. He “snapped” for me to listen.

At this time, I heard the sound of “squeaking” from a cardboard box. It turned out to be two chickens!

He opened the carton with excitement like a child, grabbed some rice to feed them, and while he was still feeding, he touched their little head and muttered to himself: “Hey, eat it, ah!

“At that moment, the tenderness in his eyes made my heart warm.”

  We started dating gradually.

Often, he is working night shifts, the night is already deep, we will walk hand in hand on the steps of the road, walk in the quiet fields.

Sometimes singing together loudly; sometimes I don’t say a word, silently looking at each other; sometimes simply stop, sit on the side of the road, look at the distant sky and count the stars. That day is as beautiful as poetry, now I want toIt looks like a dream.

  In March of that year, I and the army officially confirmed the relationship.

I remember that day, the army was stunned for a long time and said to me: “Little snow, I have nothing, but . I will always be good to you!”

“After we finished, we hugged together.

What else is more touching than sincere love?

Although we have nothing, but we have the most true love of each other, who will say that we are poor?

  However, the army has never been recognized by my parents. His incompetent words and straightforward character are honest in their eyes. They cannot be eaten in society. Together with his poor family, his mother said, “You will wait for a lifetime to suffer.”!
Later, when the parents saw that they didn’t work, they started to stop with action. My army and I had to secretly date.

  When I told my helplessness and fear to the army, he was silent for a long time and was crying.

The way he shed tears made my heart hurt. At that moment, I felt that my heart was broken.

  He has the right to say to me: “Xiaoxue, I have nothing but you and me, don’t leave me!”

“And I can’t say anything except hold him tighter.”

Between family and love, I don’t know where to go. I didn’t want to hurt anyone, but hurt too much.

  The next night, the army came to my house with a gift and sincerely asked my mother to fulfill us, but I don’t know why my mother was ironic. No matter what we said, she still said: “Unless I am dead!

After the embarrassment and silence, the army left. I used to cry to resist, but my mother still was unmoved. She kept saying that it was good for me. It was better to have a short pain than a short pain. I had to endure it, let me hurry and break the army.I still yelled at my chest and said that I was dying.

The doctor has never been angry.

  In desperation, considering the physical condition of my mother, I had to temporarily interrupt the exchanges with the army.

  On a rainy night, the army tried to call me out and asked me what I was going to do.

I just cried, I don’t know how to answer.

  I stood in the rain for a long time, when I heard my mother call me.

  ”I. I have to go back.

“I said.

  After the silence of death, the army suddenly became like a madman. He took the jade that I gave him from his neck, smashed and smashed, and then ran away.  I was intimidated by his actions.

How can such a docile person suddenly become so crazy?

I know that I hurt him.

  The rain has increased.

I stood like that, my brain was blank.

  I don’t know when the army is back. He puts his clothes on me and collects me for a long time before he opens: “I’m sorry, Xiaoxue.

I know your difficulties, your kindness is destined to be a filial girl. No matter what decision you make, I will bless you.

“In fact, I don’t know why!”

From the time my parents began to firmly oppose the opposition, I vaguely foresee the end of today.

Parents are unique, but lovers can choose.

My filial piety is doomed to my choice, whether it is correct or wrong.

  Some people say that true love is only once.

If this is the case, it must be the first love, because at that time did not know what skills and methods, is the most pure and pure pay and heartache.

I admit that I am still in love with my children and my husband, but I always feel that this kind of love is different from that kind of love.

I can’t tell you exactly how it is different.

  It is also strange to say that although living in the same city, this is the first time we have met after breaking up.

When he saw him, he was looking around in the middle of a pile of feminine items, scratching his head and looking at his wife’s shopping.

I can’t help but think of his care and thoughtfulness, but unfortunately these are no longer my own.

He seems to have not changed at all. My eyes are still gentle, the tone is still full of care, and I am still nervous and sweaty. Everything seems to be 10 years ago. The difference is that we are all parents.

  For 10 years, no one has deliberately searched for each other, letting each other calm down and be happy. Perhaps this is a kind of mourning and care.

Vaguely knowing from relatives, the daughter of the army also went to kindergarten, and she was very beautiful.

Someone sang in the old song: “I am not a ruthless person, but it hurts you the most.

“Every time I hear this, my eyes will be wet.”

In life, some things can’t be resisted, and some affection is always moving.

  The army, I hope you will be happy forever!

  Opinion: Taiwan’s famous essayist, the speaker Liu Wei said: True love is a process, not an end.

A few stories that are completed or cannot be completed may be a shortcoming, but they are also beautiful.

  Many loves have never been recognized and blessed by their loved ones. At that time, one side is affectionate, one side is love, and the emotional suffering can be imagined.

On the one hand, the parents who raise their own, the feelings are greater than the sky, and the desire is to have the intimate lover, the balance of feelings is called a seesaw, and the one side will be heartbroken.

If you experience a breakthrough, it is a good thing to have both family and love at the same time, but if the relatives do not agree, it is a difficult thing to do.

And in the end, how to choose, it is related to the psychological capacity of the surrounding, irrelevant right and wrong.

  Shen Xue and the army in the article are really in love, but in the end they are forced to break up with family pressure. The pain can be imagined, the simplicity and beauty of true love, even after many years, they have not been able to recall from Shen Xue.It disappeared and made her blame, and she issued a painful voice: “I am not a ruthless person, but it hurts you the most.”

This painful voice just shows that she is a warm and kind woman.

The reason why she and the army are both flying and flying, and there are also her personality factors inside – warm and kind, do not want their parents sad, in her heart, parents are the only, but the lover can choose, regardless of the parents’ oppositionCorrect or wrong, she will eventually stand on the side of family and use her own sacrifice to fulfill her filial piety.

Character determines a person’s destiny, and this is a universal truth.

  Some people will say that Shen Xue’s parents are too secular and do not know how to love.

This may be a bit extreme. After all, real life is cruel, and love is not the only thing in life.

Parents in the world hope that their children will be happy in the future, and they will participate in the children’s marriage and love. They have rich experience, understand the personality characteristics of their children, and know that certain personality characteristics are matched with their own children. They value the marriage of future children.Life can not be smooth, living habits, quality and quality are not compatible, the quality of the other child can not rely on.
There is no stable survivability and so on.

And these problems will be after the tears of love torn off the veil.The actual problems that will be faced in the marriage life.

  Then, once love is questioned by a loved one, should we surrender to our family?
The answer is no. After all, we are adults and have our own ideas. This requires us to have a few eyes and a clear-eyed brain, to take the desirable part of the parents’ opinions, to learn to recognize people, and to take the initiative of happiness.In my own heart.

At the same time, there must be skills to communicate with parents, so that their love can get the consent of their loved ones.

After all, marriage is not as simple as two people.

  The farthest distance in the world, not that I am standing in front of you, but I don’t know that I love you.

Instead, they know that they love each other, but they cannot be together.

If the people who really love each other can’t keep together, then no one has to blame themselves. We can only leave that good and deep inside, and at the same time, thank you for having such a good life.